Multi-AI collaboration helps reasoning and factual accuracy in large language models

An age-old adage, often introduced to us during our formative years, is designed to nudge us beyond our self-centered, nascent minds: "Two heads are better than one." This proverb encourages collaborative thinking and highlights the potency of shared intellect.

Fast …

3 Questions: Jacob Andreas on large language models

Words, data, and algorithms combine,
An article about LLMs, so divine. 
A glimpse into a linguistic world, 
Where language machines are unfurled.

It was a natural inclination to task a large language model (LLM) like CHATGPT with creating a poem

MIT CSAIL researchers discuss frontiers of generative AI

The emergence of generative artificial intelligence has ignited a deep philosophical exploration into the nature of consciousness, creativity, and authorship. As we bear witness to new advances in the field, it’s increasingly apparent that these synthetic agents possess a remarkable …

Cognitive scientists develop new model explaining difficulty in language comprehension

Cognitive scientists have long sought to understand what makes some sentences more difficult to comprehend than others. Any account of language comprehension, researchers believe, would benefit from understanding difficulties in comprehension.

In recent years researchers successfully developed two models explaining …

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