BSI publishes guidance to boost trust in AI for healthcare

In a bid to foster greater digital trust in AI products used for medical diagnoses and treatment, the British Standards Institution (BSI) has released high-level guidance.

The guidance, titled ’Validation framework for the use of AI within healthcare – Specification …

St. Margaret’s Health is the first hospital to cite a cyberattack as a reason for its closure

St. Margaret’s Health in Illinois is partly closing operations at its hospitals due to a 2021 ransomware attack that impacted its payment system.

In February 2021a ransomware attack hit the St. Margaret’s Health in Illinois and forced the organization to …

The Intersection of AI Across 6 Major Industries: Exploring Latest AI Applications From Business Perspective

The rise of AI is fueling the discovery of business use cases and AI applications across a range of major industries, such as healthcare, finance, technology, sales and marketing, and others. AI utilization has reached unprecedented levels, with substantial investment …

Accelerate protein structure prediction with the ESMFold language model on Amazon SageMaker

Proteins drive many biological processes, such as enzyme activity, molecular transport, and cellular support. The three-dimensional structure of a protein provides insight into its function and how it interacts with other biomolecules. Experimental methods to determine protein structure, such as …

Transform, analyze, and discover insights from unstructured healthcare data using Amazon HealthLake

Healthcare data is complex and siloed, and exists in various formats. An estimated 80% of data within organizations is considered to be unstructured or “dark” data that is locked inside text, emails, PDFs, and scanned documents. This data is difficult …

NextGen Healthcare suffered a data breach that impacted +1 Million individuals

NextGen Healthcare suffered a data breach, the security incident exposed the personal information of approximately 1 million individuals.

Healthcare solutions provider NextGen Healthcare suffered a data breach that exposed the personal information of informing approximately one million individuals.

NextGen Healthcare, …

GPT-4 will hunt for trends in medical records thanks to Microsoft and Epic

Enlarge / An AI-generated image of a pixel art hospital with empty windows. (credit: Benj Edwards / Midjourney)

On Monday, Microsoft and Epic Systems announced that they are bringing OpenAI's GPT-4 AI language model into health care for use in

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