Automatically generate impressions from findings in radiology reports using generative AI on AWS

Radiology reports are comprehensive, lengthy documents that describe and interpret the results of a radiological imaging examination. In a typical workflow, the radiologist supervises, reads, and interprets the images, and then concisely summarizes the key findings. The summarization (or impression

Publish predictive dashboards in Amazon QuickSight using ML predictions from Amazon SageMaker Canvas

Understanding business trends, customer behavior, sales revenue, increase in demand, and buyer propensity all start with data. Exploring, analyzing, interpreting, and finding trends in data is essential for businesses to achieve successful outcomes.

Business analysts play a pivotal role in …

Transform, analyze, and discover insights from unstructured healthcare data using Amazon HealthLake

Healthcare data is complex and siloed, and exists in various formats. An estimated 80% of data within organizations is considered to be unstructured or “dark” data that is locked inside text, emails, PDFs, and scanned documents. This data is difficult …

Deploy a predictive maintenance solution for airport baggage handling systems with Amazon Lookout for Equipment

This is a guest post co-written with Moulham Zahabi from Matarat.

Probably everyone has checked their baggage when flying, and waited anxiously for their bags to appear at the carousel. Successful and timely delivery of your bags depends on a …

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