Reinventing a cloud-native federated learning architecture on AWS

Machine learning (ML), especially deep learning, requires a large amount of data for improving model performance. Customers often need to train a model with data from different regions, organizations, or AWS accounts. It is challenging to centralize such data for …

A generative AI-powered solution on Amazon SageMaker to help Amazon EU Design and Construction

The Amazon EU Design and Construction (Amazon D&C) team is the engineering team designing and constructing Amazon Warehouses across Europe and the MENA region. The design and deployment processes of projects involve many types of Requests for Information (RFIs) about …

How United Airlines built a cost-efficient Optical Character Recognition active learning pipeline

In this post, we discuss how United Airlines, in collaboration with the Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab, build an active learning framework on AWS to automate the processing of passenger documents.

“In order to deliver the best flying experience for

How VirtuSwap accelerates their pandas-based trading simulations with an Amazon SageMaker Studio custom container and AWS GPU instances

This post is written in collaboration with Dima Zadorozhny and Fuad Babaev from VirtuSwap.

VirtuSwap is a startup company developing innovative technology for decentralized exchange of assets on blockchains. VirtuSwap’s technology provides more efficient trading for assets that don’t have a …

Designing resilient cities at Arup using Amazon SageMaker geospatial capabilities

This post is co-authored with Richard Alexander and Mark Hallows from Arup.

Arup is a global collective of designers, consultants, and experts dedicated to sustainable development. Data underpins Arup consultancy for clients with world-class collection and analysis providing insight to …

Implement smart document search index with Amazon Textract and Amazon OpenSearch

For modern companies that deal with enormous volumes of documents such as contracts, invoices, resumes, and reports, efficiently processing and retrieving pertinent data is critical to maintaining a competitive edge. However, traditional methods of storing and searching for documents can …

Automatically generate impressions from findings in radiology reports using generative AI on AWS

Radiology reports are comprehensive, lengthy documents that describe and interpret the results of a radiological imaging examination. In a typical workflow, the radiologist supervises, reads, and interprets the images, and then concisely summarizes the key findings. The summarization (or impression

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