MIT License text becomes viral “sad girl” piano ballad generated by AI

Illustration of a robot singing.

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We've come a long way since primitive AI music generators in 2022. Today, AI tools like allow any series of words to become song lyrics, including inside jokes (as you'll see below). On Wednesday, prompt engineer Riley Goodside tweeted an AI-generated song created with the prompt "sad girl with piano performs the text of the MIT License," and it began to circulate widely in the AI community online.

The MIT License is a famous permissive software license created in the late 1980s, frequently used in open source projects. "My favorite part of this is ~1:25 it nails 'WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY' with a beautiful Imogen Heap-style glissando then immediately pronounces 'FITNESS' as 'fistiff,'" Goodside wrote on X.

Suno (which means "listen" in Hindi) was formed in 2023 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It's the brainchild of Michael Shulman, Georg Kucsko, Martin Camacho, and Keenan Freyberg, who formerly worked at companies like Meta and TikTok. Suno has already attracted big-name partners, such as Microsoft, which announced the integration of an earlier version of the Suno engine into Bing Chat last December. Today, Suno is on v3 of its model, which can create temporally coherent two-minute songs in many different genres.

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