AI can now generate CD-quality music from text, and it’s only getting better

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Imagine typing "dramatic intro music" and hearing a soaring symphony or writing "creepy footsteps" and getting high-quality sound effects. That's the promise of Stable Audio, a text-to-audio AI model announced Wednesday by Stability AI that can

Thanks to AI, “Elvis” likes big butts and he cannot lie—here’s how it’s possible

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Recently, a number of viral music videos from a YouTube channel called There I Ruined It have included AI-generated voices of famous musical artists singing lyrics from surprising songs. One recent example imagines

Meta releases open source AI audio tools, AudioCraft

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On Wednesday, Meta announced it is open-sourcing AudioCraft, a suite of generative AI tools for creating music and audio from text prompts. With the tools, content creators can input simple text descriptions to generate complex audio landscapes,

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