AI-generated beer commercial contains joyful monstrosities, goes viral

Enlarge / A still image from "Synthetic Summer," an AI-generated beer commercial. (credit:

While many fear a future where AI-generated media becomes indistinguishable from traditional media, destroying society and/or civilization in the process, we aren't quite there yet. Exhibit

Surprising things happen when you put 25 AI agents together in an RPG town

Enlarge / A screenshot of the "Generative Agents" demo where 25 AI-controlled characters live out life in a town called Smallville. (credit: J.S. Park, J.C. O’Brien, C.J. Cai, M. Morris, P. Liang, M.S. Bernstein)

A group of researchers at Stanford

Artists astound with AI-generated film stills from a parallel universe

Enlarge / An AI-generated image from an #aicinema still series called "Vinyl Vengeance" by Julie Wieland, created using Midjourney. (credit: Julie Wieland / Midjourney)

Since last year, a group of artists have been using an AI image generator called Midjourney

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