Inflection-2 beats Google’s PaLM 2 across common benchmarks

Inflection, an AI startup aiming to create “personal AI for everyone”, has announced a new large language model dubbed Inflection-2 that beats Google’s PaLM 2.

Inflection-2 was trained on over 5,000 NVIDIA GPUs to reach 1.025 quadrillion floating point operations …

Stanford researchers challenge OpenAI, others on AI transparency in new report

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On Wednesday, Stanford University researchers issued a report on major AI models and found them greatly lacking in transparency, reports Reuters. The report, called "The Foundation Model Transparency Index," examined models (such as

Telling AI model to “take a deep breath” causes math scores to soar in study

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Google DeepMind researchers recently developed a technique to improve math ability in AI language models like ChatGPT by using other AI models to improve prompting—the written instructions that tell the AI model what to do. It

Google’s $30-per-month “Duet” AI will craft awkward emails, images for you

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On Tuesday, Google announced the launch of its Duet AI assistant across its Workspace apps, including Docs, Gmail, Drive, Slides, and more. First announced in May at Google I/O, Duet has been in

The New York Times prohibits AI vendors from devouring its content

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In early August, The New York Times updated its terms of service (TOS) to prohibit scraping its articles and images for AI training, reports Adweek. The move comes at a time when tech

Google demos “unsettling” tool to help journalists write the news

Enlarge / An AI-generated image of a "robot journalist." (credit: Midjourney)

Google has been developing tools aimed at helping journalists write news articles, reports The New York Times and Reuters. It has demonstrated one tool, dubbed "Genesis," to the Times,

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