Reimagine Your Space with AI: How to Transform Your Home in 2024

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In today’s fast-paced world, interior design has taken a leap into the future with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). The power of AI tools in interior design opens up a realm of possibilities, making the process of transforming spaces not just easier but also more exciting and accessible to everyone. Whether you are a homeowner looking to refresh your living space, a professional interior designer seeking inspiration, or someone with no design experience at all, AI interior design tools offer a revolutionary approach to reimagining spaces.

Why Use AI Tools for Interior Design?

Utilizing AI tools for interior design revolutionizes the way spaces are envisioned and executed. These tools offer unparalleled efficiency and precision, allowing for the creation of designs that perfectly match individual preferences and spatial constraints. With AI, designers can easily simulate and visualize spaces in 3D, enabling clients to see and modify their future interiors in real-time. This technology also streamlines the selection of furniture, color schemes, and materials by suggesting options based on trends, durability, and cost-effectiveness. AI-driven analytics can predict user needs and recommend design adjustments, ensuring the space is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and sustainable. The integration of AI in interior design significantly reduces the time and costs associated with manual planning and revisions, leading to more innovative, personalized, and adaptable living spaces.

These tools are perfect for you if:

  • You’re a homeowner looking for interior design ideas, tips, inspiration, or tools to redo the existing spaces.
  • You have no design experience and need an easy way to convert rooms for new uses (e.g., turning an attic into a studio space).
  • You’re an interior designer or architect looking for trending ideas related to spatial redesign.
  • You work for a company promoting interior remodeling/renovation services, spatial planning, home decor, furniture arranging, and more.

How to Reimagine Your Space with AI

Let's explore how some leading AI-powered platforms can help you redesign your home.

Using Homestyler to reimagine your space

Homepage of Homestyler - an AI tool that helps you reimagine your space

Homestyler is a professional app and a community for interior designers and homeowners. It offers a long list of pro features, everything from creating 3d models of your own space to advanced floor planning for your clients, etc.

Homestyler also has a neat AI Designer with a user-friendly interface. 

Here's how it works: 

  1. Visit Homestyler’s website and register for a free account.
    Then, head to AI Designer and upload a photo of your current space. 
    Add your image to Homestyler to reimagine your space

    I’ll take a photo of my living room.
  2. On the left, select your preferred design style. Let’s try Japandi.

    This is how you can pick a style option in Homestyler
  3. Lastly, let’s choose the room type. Below, you can also select the amount of designs AI will generate (each image will consume one of your free credits)Pick a room type in Homestyler to reimagine your space
  4. And boom! We’ve got a realistic remake of my room!
    omestyler reimagined my living room in Japandi style

If you’re not satisfied with the result, you can regenerate it several times. Try different styles and let AI create several images at once. 

You have four free credits upon registration and can buy an additional 20 credits for $4,99 or choose one of the monthly subscription plans. 

Get extra credits for Homestyler AI designer


Using Reimagine Home AI to revamp your space

Homepage of Reimagine Home AI, an AI tool that can help you reimagine your space

Reimagine Home AI goes a bit deeper than Homestyler’s AI Designer. 

Here, you can choose from several ways to reimagine your room. 

A list of AI tools Reimagine Home AI offers for you easili reimagine your space with AI

Let’s try to change the wall color. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose the option from the list and upload images of your space to create a new project. Pick the space type and let AI know whether it’s furnished or not.
  2. The next step is to pick the wall for a digital repaint. I “masked” the wall, and the blue color shows exactly what part of the wall I chose.
  3. When you’re done masking the wall, it’s time to choose what exactly you will do with the walls:
    – Paint
    – Put wallpaper on
    – Choose a wainscoting
  4. After that, choose the color scheme, I’ll try several different ones.
  5. After choosing the color scheme, it’s time to add the prompt. For example, you can ask AI to pick a lighter color for the wall. That’s exactly what I did before hitting “Generate Design.” Here’s what Reimagine Home AI came up with:

I think Reimagine Home AI is perfect for figuring out what wall color is best for your room. And you’ll need no bucket, no paint, and no brush! 

Upon registration, you will get 30 free generations, which is enough to try most of the features and decide on a bigger price plan: 


Using Leonardo AI to reimagine your space

Leonardo AI is a free, though extremely robust, AI image generator. It’s a perfect solution to brainstorm your interior design ideas without having an exact room or other space in mind.

Let's say you plan to invest in a new house and want to check possible bedroom furniture arrangements or decor options.

Leonardo AI can produce photorealistic interior visualizations. Using it is pretty easy:

Describe your dream room design in a precise text prompt. This is an example I found on the Internet, and it produces a great result:

“A small living room with a soft polyester blue sofa, soft sunlight through a window, a geometric Scandinavian rug on the floor, Framed abstract art on the walls, a vintage wooden wine crate from “Bordeaux” used as a coffee table, a black grand piano nearby” 

However, we can generate multiple AI images and select the best ones. Let’s try another prompt: 

“A cozy bedroom featuring a plush queen-sized bed with crisp white linens, gentle morning light filtering through sheer curtains, a shaggy taupe area rug beneath the bed, minimalist black-and-white photography on the walls, a reclaimed oak wood nightstand with a vintage glass lamp, and a comfortable eggshell reading chair in the corner.”


Okay, that's not bad! I'm still not happy with the smoothness of the image. It's a bit out of focus, and the furniture looks a bit crooked.
But what if we used Leonardo’s Diffusion XL model? 

Now we have a perfect image, like from a fancy magazine! 

The best part is that you can search this image with Google Lens and find and order a similar armchair, for example:

Tips to Maximize AI-Powered Interior Design Tools

Follow these expert strategies to get the most out of leading AI-powered platforms:

  • Give Clear Instructions: Use descriptive words when mentioning styles, colors, furniture, and textures when customizing designs. The more details you provide, the better the output. If you got stuck with your prompts, ChatGPT is still free to use
  • Try Multiple Prompts: Change keywords, rearrange sentences, or add new details with each test prompt. This helps the AI grasp your preferences accurately.
  • Upload Inspiration Images: Paste example photos showcasing styles and elements you like to ChatGPT and ask it to create a more precise prompt. 
  • Focus on One Room: Start by reimagining one room instead of your entire home. Once you grasp the tool, you can apply lessons as you expand room by room.
  • Use Accessories: Include wall decor, rugs, lamps, and accessories in prompts or descriptions to create a cohesive new look.
  • Save Favorites: Shortlist your best AI-generated outputs and save them for future reference as you bring your new vision to reality.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When testing the tools, you might get into some difficulties:

The suggestions seemed too outlandish for your taste.

  • This will be solved if you provide more specific instructions about the styles and elements you prefer. It will help AI generate more aligned ideas.

The furniture placement feels impractical.

  • Generate the space piece by piece. This works particularly well within Reimagin Home AI. Mask and regenerate certain areas. Use AI Object Removal to free up some space in your room, then add new objects one by one. 

The tool isn't generating enough differentiated ideas.

  • Work on your prompt. Use other AI tools like ChatGPT or Claude to regenerate it. If you use Leonardo AI, press a button with a dice next to the prompt form, and Leonardo will make your prompt better for you.

Can't figure out how to operate the platform.

  • Most tools offer extensive tutorials or community forums to assist beginners. You can opt for expert training sessions or search the internet and YouTube for tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can AI design my room?

Yes, AI-powered interior design tools can suggest complete room makeovers tailored to your personal taste. However, human creativity, judgment, and technical expertise still play a vital role.

How do you re-imagine space?

Numerous AI tools can help you with that, for example. Reimagine Home AI will let you reimagine space by analyzing photos of your current room, selected design theme, and color preferences. Its algorithms then generate customized concepts showcasing how your room could be transformed to match your desired aesthetic.

Can AI replace interior designers? 

AI can simplify the interior design process by brainstorming ideas. However, AI lacks emotional connection with clients, cultural awareness, and attention to detail. It definitely can complement designer skills. However, human designers' personalized touch and understanding of client preferences remain irreplaceable. AI will become a valuable tool but not a wholesale replacement.

Wrap up

Reimagining your home with AI is easier than ever before. As we've seen, AI-powered platforms like Homestyler, Reimagine Home AI, and Leonardo AI allow anyone to redo their space effortlessly. These tools analyze photos of your current room and generate countless fresh design ideas tailored to your taste.

With smart prompts and iterative image generation, you can visualize endless layout and decor options until you find your dream room makeover. 

The key is using AI to spark creativity, not replace human designers. Their skills are still vital for feasibility analysis and personalized client connections. AI empowers everyday people to bring their craziest interior design ideas to life. 

Try to use these technologies to reimagine your ideal living space. Breathe new life into boring rooms without lifting a finger. Let AI enhance your visualization and streamline remodeling. 

The future of effortless, customized home design is here! 

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