Headpix Review: The Best AI Headshots for Professionals?

Headpix review.

In today's digital world, there's no question that first impressions matter, especially for business professionals. Whether you want to land new clients or attract a new job, a professional, high-quality headshot has never been more important!

As someone testing the best AI headshot generators, I recently discovered a new AI service called Headpix. It's an AI photo headshot service for business professionals that generates hundreds of professional headshots in minutes based on the selfies you upload. But is it the best for professionals?

In this Headpix review, I'll explain what it is, who it's best for, and how I was able to generate these professional headshots in a matter of minutes:

Headshots generated by Headpix.

From there, I'll list the best Headpix alternatives I've come across so you can see which AI headshot generator is right for you. Let's take a look!


Headpix is an excellent platform for generating professional AI headshots with diverse styles and pricing options. However, its biggest downfall lies in the noticeable distortions, particularly on the eyes and teeth, and the absence of customization features.

While it does not provide free headshots, the 14-day money-back guarantee means you can try Headpix risk-free!


  • Generate up to 300 professional headshots in different styles to make a solid first impression online.
  • One-time, straightforward payment processing without any recurring fees.
  • Generates the most AI headshots compared to alternatives.
  • Spend less money and time getting headshots compared to a professional photo shoot.
  • Select business or casual, indoor or outdoor styles for the perfect headshots that suit your brand.
  • Full permission to use headshots for any purpose.
  • Flexible pricing plans for personal and team headshots.
  • AI models automatically erase your headshots after 30 days for your privacy.
  • Keep team headshots consistent.
  • User-friendly, easy process.
  • 14-day money-back guarantee.


  • There is no free plan.
  • Most headshots have minor glitches, particularly on the eyes and teeth.
  • There are no customization features.
  • It is limited to professional business portraits.
  • It's not as personalized as working with offline photographers.

What is Headpix?

Headpix AI homepage.

With over 3,000 headshots generated from selfies, Headpix is an AI headshot generator that creates up to 300 beautiful business portraits within two hours. This new technology uses advanced artificial intelligence to produce a variety of images that look accurate to you!

With a focus on business headshots, Headpix provides a convenient and efficient way to get professional portraits without worrying about the expenses of a professional photo shoot. Headpix automates headshot creation, saving time, money, and effort, and is ideal for busy professionals looking for new portraits to enhance their online presence. These professional headshots will help you land more clients and establish credibility in your industry!

Headpix's core feature is its AI headshot generator. To use it, you must create an account, select your package, upload fifteen selfies taken on different days, and let Headpix generate hundreds of professional headshots!

You can generate regular photos in multiple styles depending on your chosen package. Choose from casual and business clothing and various indoor and outdoor settings.

Generate amazing LinkedIn headshots for your profile and personal website, and save significant time and money from doing a traditional photo shoot. Plus, all the photos are high-resolution, and there's a money-back guarantee within fourteen days of purchase!

With Headpix, you can create professional headshots for yourself or your team to boost your online presence.

Who is Headpix Best For?

Headpix caters to anyone looking for high-quality headshots to improve their online presence. However, there are specific types of people that benefit most from using Headpix:

  • Remote Teams: Companies with remote teams can maintain a consistent and professional image across their employees' profiles using headshots generated by Headpix. These headshots can be used on their website, in company directories, and for virtual meetings. This elevates their online presence, establishing credibility with current clients and attracting new ones.
  • Business Professionals: Many business professionals are tight on time. Headpix simplifies enhancing your online presence by offering high-quality headshots in various styles through a user-friendly platform. Easily upgrade your LinkedIn profiles, websites, or social media accounts to attract more clients and establish yourself in your industry. Ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and corporate executives.
  • Real Estate Agents: Real Estate Agents can elevate their brand and leave a lasting impression on potential clients with professional headshots from Headpix. A polished headshot can set you apart for online listings, business cards, or social media profiles in a competitive market.
  • Lawyers: Headpix provides powerful headshots that convey respect and trust, enhancing their professional image. A high-quality headshot can create a solid first impression on websites, professional social networks, or legal directories, building client trust. This communicates confidence, competence, and approachability, which are essential for legal professionals working in law firms.
  • Consultants: Consultants can enhance credibility and attract clients with Headpix's expert headshots. A professional image builds trust, helping secure opportunities and stand out in the market. Whether in marketing, finance, or technology, a polished headshot from Headpix showcases expertise and leaves a lasting impression!
  • Entertainers: Actors, models, and entertainers can benefit from the convenience, quality, and speed of Headpix's headshot service. With impressive headshots produced by Headpix, you can stand out from the competition, attract casting directors, and improve your portfolio.

How to Use Headpix to Generate Professional Headshots

Here's the step-by-step process of how I generated professional headshots with Headpix:

  1. Create a Headpix Account
  2. Select a Package
  3. Understand the Photo Requirements
  4. Choose Your Gender & Style
  5. Add Photos & Details
  6. Submit Your Photos
  7. View & Download Headshots

Step 1: Create a Headpix Account

Selecting Get Your Headshots on the Headpix homepage.

I started by going to the Headpix homepage and selecting “Get Your Headshots,” where I was asked to create an account.

Step 2: Select a Package

Selecting a package from Headpix.

Next, Headpix had me choose a package. They offer three different packages:

  1. Starter: 100 headshots for $29.
  2. Basic: 200 headshots with 10+ styles for $39.
  3. Premium: 300 headshots with 15+ styles for $59.

I went with the Basic package and entered my credit card details to see Headpix's styles.

Step 3: Understand the Photo Requirements

Headpix photo requirements.

Headpix asked me to upload at least 15 selfies following the photo submission requirements for the best results:

  • Upload 15+ headshots of you looking at the camera.
  • Upper-body photos with your face fully visible.
  • Ensure the selfies are of you expressing different emotions in different lighting.
  • Avoid group photos, outdated photos, and silly expressions.
  • Photos with plain backgrounds and good lighting.

After carefully reading the requirements, I selected “Ok, I understand” to continue.

Step 4: Choose Your Gender & Style

Choosing the gender, outfit, and background using Headpix.

From there, I had to choose my gender, outfit, and background. For the outfits, I could choose between business and casual. The different backgrounds included studio, office, or outdoor.

I could select only one of the outfits and one of the backgrounds, but I selected all for the most variety. It was nice that Headpix gave me so much flexibility when choosing my style.

Feel free to choose one or multiple options from each category based on your needs! I hit “Upload my photos” to continue.

Step 5: Add Photos & Details

Adding photos and details using Headpix.

For the most accurate results, Headpix asked for some details, including my profession, eye color, age, and LinkedIn profile.

Uploading the photos was effortless and only took a few minutes. Headpix asked me to submit at least fifteen selfies, but the more images submitted, the better quality headshots.

I hit “Proceed to Summary” to continue.

Step 6: Submit Your Photos

Submitting photos to Headpix.

Headpix asked me to confirm that these were my best photos, consent that the headshots could be used for marketing purposes, and agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy. I selected “Submit Photos.”

Step 7: View & Download Headshots

Headshots generated by Headpix.

Once my photos were submitted, Headpix's AI system processed the images and generated the headshots. Headpix told me I had to wait around 120 minutes for my headshots to be generated. Once generated, I could view them on my Headpix profile!

Selecting an AI headshot generated by Headpix and highlighting the close, download, and share options.

After a short time, my headshots were ready on my profile. Headpix made viewing and downloading my headshots easy: I could hover over the headshot and share it on social media and download it, or I could click on the headshot for a full preview and download it from there.

Overall, Headpix did an outstanding job accurately capturing my features, and I could easily recognize myself in my photos. However, I noticed some distortions, especially with my eyes and teeth.

I also appreciated the number of styles the headshots came in, including business and casual styles in indoor and outdoor settings. However, having more zoomed-out photos would have been nice.

Top 3 Headpix Alternatives

Here are the best Headpix alternatives I've tried that you'll want to consider!

The Multiverse AI

The Multiverse AI homepage.

The Multiverse AI produces incredibly realistic AI headshots that look professional and essentially make you look like a model. Look at how well my headshots turned out with The Multiverse AI:

Headshots generated with The Multiverse AI.

My experience with The Multiverse AI was quicker and more straightforward, but Headpix gave me more flexibility in choosing my style. However, The Multiverse AI had a unique AI customization feature, allowing me to provide a text prompt describing my desired customizations.

The cost between The Multiverse AI and Headpix is essentially the same. However, The Multiverse AI is at a fixed price of $24 for 120 headshots, while Headpix can generate up to 300 headshots for $59 in over 15 different styles.

For better results, fewer distortions, AI customization, and a quicker process choose The Multiverse AI. For more flexible style and pricing options, choose Headpix!

Read our The Multiverse AI Review or visit The Multiverse AI.

Aragon AI

Aragon AI homepage.

Aragon AI is another excellent choice for professional, high-quality headshots in various styles and poses. Here's how my headshots came out when using Aragon AI:

Headshots generated with Aragon AI.

Compared to Headpix, these headshots look more professional and realistic with minimal distortions. They legitimately look like they were taken from a photoshoot! With Aragon AI, you'll get various outfits, settings, poses, and even shots taken further away.

The pricing and process between Headpix and Aragon AI are very similar. However, Headpix gave me more flexibility by allowing me to choose my clothing and background.

For better results, fewer distortions, and various styles and poses from different distances and angles, I'd highly suggest going with Aragon AI. If having more control over the clothing and backgrounds of your headshots is essential to you, choose Headpix!

Read our Aragon Review or visit Aragon.


HeadshotPro homepage.

HeadshotPro is another great AI generator that creates professional headshots without a physical photoshoot! Here are some of my best headshots generated with HeadshotPro:

Headshots generated with Headshot Pro.

Compared to Headpix, these headshots came out less distorted. Both headshots generated with Headpix and Headshot Pro look like me but in different ways.

Besides the differences in results, Headpix and HeadshotPro are priced similarly. Both platforms also allowed me to choose backgrounds and clothing styles, with Headshot Pro giving me more control over the specific outfits and backgrounds I wanted.

For slightly more flexibility in clothing and background styles, choose HeadshotPro. Otherwise, try Headpix!

Read our HeadshotPro Review or visit HeadshotPro.

Headpix AI Review: The Best Professional Headshots?

Headpix offers an effective solution for generating professional AI headshots across various industries, whether you're a real estate agent, lawyer, or business professional. It saved me significant time and resources getting high-quality headshots compared to a traditional photo shoot.

Its biggest downfall is that there are a lot of headshots with distortions, particularly on the teeth and eyes. Also, it would have been nice if some of the shots were taken from a further distance.

Regardless, I was happy to see that I could recognize myself, or at least features of myself, in most of the headshots. I also appreciated the range of business and casual clothing styles and backgrounds I could choose from.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Headpix review! I hope you found it helpful. Headpix doesn't offer their headshots for free, but they have a 14-day money-back guarantee in case you aren't satisfied! If you're unhappy with the results, I'd highly encourage you to try the other top AI headshot generators I've tested: The Multiverse AI, Aragon AI, and Headshot Pro.

Why not give Headpix a try and see how your headshots look?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best AI headshot generator?

Some of the best AI headshot generators include Headpix, The Multiverse AI, Aragon AI, and HeadshotPro. These AI headshot generators have unique features and capabilities, so the best AI headshot generator will depend on your needs and budget.

What is the best AI for free business photos?

Unfortunately, there are no AI headshot generators that offer free business photos. However, Headpix, Aragon AI, and HeadshotPro offer refunds if you are unsatisfied with the results. Check the refund policy for more details!

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