Meta disrupted two influence campaigns from China and Russia

Meta disrupted two influence campaigns orchestrated by China and Russia, the company blocked thousands of accounts and pages.

Meta announced it has taken down two of the largest known covert influence operations originating from China and Russia.

The social network …

Former ByteDance executive alleges TikTok of wrongful conduct

A former ByteDance executive revealed that the China government has access to TikTok data, including data stored in the United.

Yintao Yu, the head of engineering for ByteDance’s U.S. operations from August 2017 to November 2018, revealed that the Chinese …

Twitter confirmed that a security incident publicly exposed Circle tweets

A security problem caused the public sharing of private tweets sent to Twitter Circles to users outside of the Circle, the company admitted.

Since August 2022, the Twitter Circle feature allows users to send tweets to a restricted circle of …

Facebook warns of a new information-stealing malware dubbed NodeStealer

Facebook discovered a new information-stealing malware, dubbed ‘NodeStealer,’ that is being distributed on Meta.

NodeStealer is a new information-stealing malware distributed on Meta that allows stealing browser cookies to hijack accounts on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Gmail, and Outlook. The…
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