City of Dallas has set a budget of $8.5 million to mitigate the May Royal ransomware attack

The City of Dallas revealed that the Royal ransomware gang that hit the city system in May used a stolen account.

In May 2023, a ransomware attack hit the IT systems at the City of Dallas, Texas. To prevent the …

New Linux Ransomware BlackSuit is similar to Royal ransomware

Experts noticed that the new Linux ransomware BlackSuit has significant similarities with the Royal ransomware family.

Royal ransomware is one of the most notable ransomware families of 2022, it made the headlines in early May 2023 with the attack against …

City of Dallas shut down IT services after ransomware attack

The City of Dallas, Texas, was hit by a ransomware attack that forced it to shut down some of its IT systems.

The IT systems at the City of Dallas, Texas, have been targeted by a ransomware attack. To prevent …

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