Trojanized Super Mario Bros game spreads malware

Researchers observed threat actors spreading a trojanized Super Mario Bros game installer to deliver multiple malware. 

Researchers from Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs (CRIL) discovered a trojanized Super Mario Bros game installer for Windows that was used to deliver multiple …

Cyclops Ransomware group offers a multiplatform Info Stealer

Researchers from security firm Uptycs reported that threat actors linked to the Cyclops ransomware are offering a Go-based information stealer.

The Cyclops group has developed multi-platform ransomware that can infect Windows, Linux, and macOS systems. In an unprecedented move, the …

ViperSoftX uses more sophisticated encryption and anti-analysis techniques

A new variant of the information-stealing malware ViperSoftX implements sophisticated techniques to avoid detection.

Trend Micro researchers observed a new ViperSoftX malware campaign that unlike previous attacks relies on DLL sideloading for its arrival and execution technique.

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