A man has been charged with a cyber attack on the Discovery Bay water treatment facility

A man from Tracy, California, has been charged with a computer attack on the Discovery Bay water treatment facility.

Rambler Gallo (53), a man from Tracy (California) has been charged with intentionally causing damage to a computer after he allegedly …

A Russian national charged for committing LockBit Ransomware attacks

DoJ charged a Russian national with conspiring to carry out LockBit ransomware attacks against U.S. and foreign businesses.

The Justice Department announced charges against the Russian national Ruslan Magomedovich Astamirov (20) for his role in numerous LockBit ransomware attacks against …

Admin of the darknet carding platform Skynet Market pleads guilty

A US national has pleaded guilty to operating the carding site Skynet Market and selling financial information belonging to tens of thousands of US victims.

The U.S. national Michael D. Mihalo, aka Dale Michael Mihalo Jr. and ggmccloud1, pleaded guilty …

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