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ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware gang hacked the hotel chain Motel One
FBI warns of dual ransomware attacks
Progress Software fixed two critical severity flaws in WS_FTP Server
Child abuse site taken down, organized child exploitation crime suspected – exclusive
A still unpatched zero-day RCE impacts more than 3.5M Exim servers
Chinese threat actors stole around 60,000 emails from US State Department in Microsoft breach
Misconfigured WBSC server leaks thousands of passports
CISA adds JBoss RichFaces Framework flaw to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities catalog
Cisco urges to patch actively exploited IOS zero-day CVE-2023-20109
Dark Angels Team ransomware group hit Johnson Controls
Russian zero-day broker is willing to pay $20M for zero-day exploits for iPhones and Android devices
China-linked APT BlackTech was spotted hiding in Cisco router firmware
Watch out! CVE-2023-5129 in libwebp library affects millions applications
DarkBeam leaks billions of email and password combinations
‘’ in the Spotlight – What is Known About the Ransomware Group Targeting Sony and NTT Docomo
Top 5 Problems Solved by Data Lineage
Threat actors claim the hack of Sony, and the company investigates
Canadian Flair Airlines left user data leaking for months
The Rhysida ransomware group hit the Kuwait Ministry of Finance
BORN Ontario data breach impacted 3.4 million newborns and pregnancy care patients
Xenomorph malware is back after months of hiatus and expands the list of targets
Smishing Triad Stretches Its Tentacles into the United Arab Emirates
Crooks stole $200 million worth of assets from Mixin Network
A phishing campaign targets Ukrainian military entities with drone manual lures
Alert! Patch your TeamCity instance to avoid server hack
Is Gelsemium APT behind a targeted attack in Southeast Asian Government?
Nigerian National pleads guilty to participating in a millionaire BEC scheme
New variant of BBTok Trojan targets users of +40 banks in LATAM
Deadglyph, a very sophisticated and unknown backdoor targets the Middle East
Alphv group claims the hack of Clarion, a global manufacturer of audio and video equipment for cars
National Student Clearinghouse data breach impacted approximately 900 US schools


Smishing Triad Impersonates Emirates Post To Target UAE Citizens  

Decade of newborn child registry data stolen in MOVEit mass-hack  

Kuwait isolates some government systems following attack on its Finance Ministry  

Cl0p’s MOVEit attack tally surpasses 2,000 victim organizations  

Child abuse site taken down, organized child exploitation crime suspected – exclusive

Two or More Ransomware Variants Impacting the Same Victims and Data Destruction Trends      


Stealth Falcon preying over Middle Eastern skies with Deadglyph


Hong Kong crypto business Mixin says hackers stole $200 million in assets

Xenomorph Malware Strikes Again: Over 30+ US Banks Now Targeted    


CVE-2023-34040 Spring Kafka Deserialization Remote Code Execution

Source Code at Risk: Critical Code Vulnerability in CI/CD Platform TeamCity    

Rezilion Researchers Uncover New Details on Severity of Google Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability (CVE-2023-4863)  

Russian zero-day seller offers $20M for hacking Android and iPhones   

Using silent SMS to localize LTE users 

Millions of Exim mail servers exposed to zero-day RCE attacks  

Intelligence and Information Warfare

Some new snippets from the Snowden documents  

Rare Backdoors Suspected to be Tied to Gelsemium APT Found in Targeted Attack in Southeast Asian Government  

New STARK#VORTEX Attack Campaign: Threat Actors Use Drone Manual Lures to Deliver MerlinAgent Payloads 


How Russian government-controlled hacking groups shift their tactics, objectives and capabilities — report  

People’s Republic of China-Linked Cyber Actors Hide in Router Firmware

Chinese hackers stole emails from US State Dept in Microsoft breach, Senate staffer says

National Security Agency is starting an artificial intelligence security center      


The Cybersecurity Crisis of Artificial Intelligence: Unrestrained Adoption and Natural Language-Based Attacks  

Reports about Cyber Actors Hiding in Router Firmware  

We believe PDD is a Dying Fraudulent Company and its Shopping App TEMU is Cleverly Hidden Spyware that Poses an Urgent Security Threat to U.S. National Interests

Update Chrome Now: Google Releases Patch for Actively Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerability

Cisco Warns of IOS Software Zero-Day Exploitation Attempts  

Introducing Advanced Vulnerability Insights for GKE  

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