North Korea-linked threat actors target cybersecurity experts with a zero-day

North Korea-linked threat actors associated with North Korea exploited a zero-day flaw in attacks against cybersecurity experts.

North Korea-linked threat actors were observed exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in an unnamed software to target cybersecurity researchers.

The attacks that took place …

Chinese cyberspies obtained Microsoft signing key from Windows crash dump due to a mistake

Microsoft revealed that the Chinese group Storm-0558 stole a signing key used to breach government email accounts from a Windows crash dump.

In July, Microsoft announced it had mitigated an attack conducted by a China-linked threat actor, tracked as Storm-0558, …

Barracuda ESG zero-day exploited by China-linked APT

Experts linked the UNC4841 threat actor behind the attacks exploiting the recently patched Barracuda ESG zero-day to China.

Mandiant researchers linked the threat actor UNC4841 behind the attacks that exploited the recently patched Barracuda ESG zero-day vulnerability to China.


A component in Huawei network appliances could be used to take down Germany’s telecoms networks

German government warns that technology to regulate power consumption in Huawei network appliances could be used for sabotage purposes. 

In March, the interior ministry announced it was conducting an audit on the network appliance from Chinese telecoms giants Huawei and …

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