5 Best Black Friday Sales for AI Tools

Welcome to the most awaited Black Friday event of the year, where cutting-edge AI tools meet unbeatable deals! As the tech world buzzes with excitement, we bring you a curated selection of the finest AI tools and applications, all at jaw-dropping discounts. Whether you're a developer, a business owner, or an AI enthusiast, our Black Friday  sales offer the perfect opportunity to upgrade your toolkit with the latest in artificial intelligence technology. From sophisticated machine learning platforms to innovative automation tools, we have something for everyone. Dive into the future of technology this Black Friday week and empower your projects with the best AI solutions on the market – all at prices that are too good to miss!

1. Scalenut – Writing Generator

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Scalenut is essentially an all in one marketing tool and is designed to scale. It enables you to quickly and get the entire keyword plan for your niche and to generate a content management strategy to dominate these terms. The software is divided into 4 sections:

Research – Uncover insights and build a strategy that works by getting all the insights and semantic key terms you need to outpace your competition.

Create – Write SEO content that ranks by using the most advanced versions of NLP and NLU (Natural Language Processing & Natural Language Understanding). It offers real-time optimization based on SERP statistics, and offers content that can deliver.

Optimize – Get real-time feedback on where your content stands with a dynamic SEO score. Improve on the go, no more revisions!

Marketing Copy – Write persuasive copy that brings conversions with 40+ AI copywriting templates. This includes the following:

  • Product descriptions
  • Website copy
  • Copywriting Frameworks
  • Email Copyrighting

Black Friday Sale:

Dates: November 20 to November 31, 2023

Sale: 60% lifetime discount on all annual plans, plus 3X your limits.

Discount Code: No code is necessary, discount automatically applied with this link.

Terms:  The discount is applied automatically when you subscribe to an annual plan, no codes are necessary. 

Read our Scalenut Review or visit Scalenut.

2. Pictory – Video Generator

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Pictory is an AI video generator that enables you to easily create and edit high-quality videos. One of the best aspects of the tool is that you don’t need any experience in video editing or design. 

You start by providing a script or article, which will serve as the base for your video content. For example, Pictory can turn your blog post into an engaging video to be used for social media or your website. This is a great feature for personal bloggers and companies looking to increase engagement and quality. Since it is based in the cloud, it works on any computer. 

Pictory also allows you to easily edit videos using text, which is perfect for editing webinars, podcasts, Zoom recordings, and more. It’s simple to use and takes just minutes before delivering professional results that help you grow your audience and build your brand. 

Another great feature of Pictory is that you can create shareable video highlight reels, which proves useful for those looking to create trailers or share short clips on social media. Besides these great features, you can also automatically caption your videos and automatically summarize long videos. 

Here are some of the main features of Pictory: 

  • Video based on articles or scripts
  • Edit videos using text
  • Create shareable video highlight reels
  • Automatically caption and summarize videos

Black Friday Sale:

Dates: November 13 to November 30, 2023

Discount Code: Claim 50% off Annual Plans:  uniteaisave50


  • Applicable to new customers on a free plan or free trial
  • Applicable to existing users who are upgrading their plan monthly>annual
  • Applicable to Existing users who are upgrading from one annual plan to another
  • Upgrades cannot be stacked upon an existing annual plan.
  • Upgrades from Annual Standard > to a higher plan will not offer prorated refunds on any remaining credit from the previous plan

Read our Pictory Review or visit Pictory.

3. Semrush – SEO & SEM Tools

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Semrush is an entire suite that enables you to perform content marketing campaigns, SEO, social media marketing, analytics, PPC, and much more. Its standout feature is its position tracker, which provides businesses with a way to track how they rank against other sites when it comes to keyword usage.

The AI marketing tool also offers a Content Marketing Toolkit that enables you to perform topic searches, which provides insight into what is trending. You can then create content marketing plans based on this information.

Here are some of the top features of Semrush:

  • Position tracking that shows you ranking for targeted keywords
  • On-page SEO
  • 7 tools aimed at competitor analysis
  • Social media management and content marketing

Black Friday Sale:

Dates: November 19 to December 1, 2023

Sale: 30 % off Annual PRO s 0r 30% off Annual GURU.

Discount Code: No Code Necessary with this link.

Terms:  The discount is applied automatically when you subscribe to an annual plan, no codes are necessary. 

4. GetResponse AI – Email Marketing

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GetResponse  is at the forefront of email marketing innovation, incorporating the sophisticated GPT  technology. This tool is a game-changer for businesses and marketers struggling with creating compelling email content. It addresses the core challenges of email marketing, such as crafting engaging subject lines and generating content that resonates with specific audiences.

What makes the GetResponse AI Email Generator particularly noteworthy is its range of intelligent features. It offers AI-optimized subject lines that are designed to boost open rates by capturing the recipient's attention immediately. The generator also excels in creating industry-specific content, ensuring that each email is tailored to the unique trends and keywords of your business sector.

The tool simplifies the email creation process significantly. Users can define their email goals, choose an industry and tone, customize the layout, and then review and send their AI-crafted emails. This streamlined process is not only user-friendly but also highly efficient, saving valuable time and resources.

By leveraging the GetResponse AI Email Generator, businesses can harness the power of AI to enhance their email marketing strategies. This leads to not just time savings, but also the creation of more engaging, relevant, and effective email campaigns that resonate with the audience and drive conversions.

Key Features:

  • AI-Optimized Subject Lines: Leverage AI to create subject lines that increase open rates.
  • Industry-Specific Content Creation: Generate relevant and engaging emails based on industry trends and keywords.
  • User-Friendly Email Creation Process: Easily define goals, select industry and tone, and customize design to create complete email campaigns.
  • Resource Efficiency: Save time and enhance the quality of your emails with AI-powered content suggestions.

By integrating the GetResponse AI Email Generator into your marketing strategy, you can tap into the vast potential of AI to elevate your email campaigns, ensuring they are not only efficient but also highly effective in engaging your audience.

Black Friday Sale:

Dates: November 20 to November 30, 2023


  • 15% Discount for new accounts
  • 15% Off upgrades
  • 30% off when paired with a 1-year plan discount
  • 40% off when paired with a 2-year plan discount*

*Ecommerce Marketing 24 month plan not included in promotion

Discount Code: No code is necessary, discount automatically applied with this link.

Terms:  The discount is applied automatically when you subscribe to an annual plan, no codes are necessary. 

5. AdCreative AI – Ad Generator

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AdCreative AI is the only conversion-focused generative AI that produces high quality ready-to-use ad creatives. TAll you need to do is upload your logo, and choose your color scheme and the powerful platform is then ready to launch 100s of different creative ads for you to choose from.

Discover where your competitors get the bulk of their traffic and sales, and monitor their top-performing ad creatives across all social and display platforms.

Determine which ads are the top performers in your ad accounts, learn when to introduce more creatives to prevent ad fatigue, and understand how your ads stack up against those of other companies in your niche.

Best of all you have the freedom to generate as many creatives as you want, regardless of whether you have used all your credits or not. You will only use your credits when you choose to download your generated creatives.

Some of the features include:

  • Analyze ads from competitors and increase your conversion rates.
  • Generate as many ads as you need – only pay for what you use.
  • Identify top performing ads.
  • This platform offers the best ads that we have seen across all platforms.

Black Friday Sale:

Dates: November 20 to November 26, 2023

Sale: 50% discount on all annual plans.

Discount Code: BLACKFRIDAY50

Terms:  The discount is applied automatically when you subscribe to an annual plan, no codes are necessary. 

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1. Surfer SEO

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Surfer is primarily a tool for generating SEO content, some of the core functionalities include:

Outline Builder – Use the built-in Outline Builder to structure your content into a detailed outline complete with unique potential headings and questions.

Topic Discovery – Discover dozens of relevant topic clusters in a matter of minutes, this enables a strategy to target different keywords.

Keywords Volume & Search Intent – Check search intent for your target audience and evaluate monthly search volume and keyword difficulty at a glance. While Google does offer this functionality for free via the Google Keyword Planner, this tool is easier and less frustrating to use.

Internal content structure – This is seamlessly optimized by using real-time metrics for structure, and word count.

AI Writing – Utilize the full power of Surfer to write well-researched and high-quality articles.

AI Content & Plagiarism – While some affiliates may choose to rely on AI generated content, this could result in a Google penalty, this is why the built-in plagiarism and AI content checker is an important tool if you want to avoid penalties.

Black Friday Sale:

Dates: November 24 to December 1, 2023

Sale: For the 1st year, 30% discount off annual plans or 10% off monthly plans for 6 months.

Discount Code: No code is necessary, discount automatically applied with this link.

Terms:  The discount is applied automatically when you subscribe to an annual plan, no codes are necessary. 

Read our Surfer SEO Review or visit Surfer SEO.

2. Murf – Voice Generator & Voice Over

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One of most most recommended text to speech generators is Murf,.Murf enables anyone to convert text to speech, voice-overs, and dictations, and it is used by a wide range of professionals like product developers, podcasters, educators, and business leaders.

Murf offers a lot of customization options to help you create the best natural-sounding voices. It has a variety of voices and dialects that you can choose from, as well as an easy-to-use interface.

The text to speech generator provides users with a comprehensive AI voice-over studio that includes a built-in video editor, which enables you to create a video with voiceover. There are over 100 AI voices from 15 languages, and you can select preferences such as Speaker, Accents/Voice Styles, and Tone or Purpose.

Another top feature offered by Murf is the voice changer, which allows you to record without using your own voice as a voiceover. The voiceovers offered by Murf can also be customized by pitch, speed, and volume. You can add pauses and emphasis, or change pronunciation.

Here are some of the top features of Murf:

  • Large library offering more than 100 AI voices across languages
  • Expressive emotional speaking styles
  • Audio and text input support
  • AI Voice-Over Studio
  • Customizable through tone, accents, and more

Black Friday Sale:

Dates: November 24 (5 AM UTC) to December 1 (5 AM UTC).

Sale: 25% off on all yearly plans, including upgrades from monthly to yearly and yearly to higher yearly plans including Enterprise.

Discount Code: Use this code: BLACK25

Terms:  The discount is applied automatically when you subscribe to an annual plan, no codes are necessary. 

Read our Murf Review or visit Murf.

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